Simple, Transparent, Affordable

Our pricing model is very simple and away from confusion. We worked hard to make VDP both affordable and easy to use so that publishers can focus on content.

  • Cost-Effective

    NO Setup Costs
    NO Per Download Fees
    NO Revenue Sharing
    NO Hidden Fees

  • Licensing

    VDP is based on a monthly service fee.

    $ 500 /MONTH

    billed annually or $700 month-to-month

  • Free Testing

    VDP is free for testing. Users can test the fully functional VDP apps before making a purchase decision.

Are there any extra costs?

Additional charges may apply on two possible cases

  • Data Traffic

    Each application has 1 TB monthly data traffic included. Publishers exceeding this limit will be charged an extra 150 Dollars for each exceeding TB.

  • Custom Development

    All custom development requests are handled as new projects and will be subject to additional fees.